Free From Lies

Jordan Riak, executive director, Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education

A moving and perceptive work on how adults can finally overcome the traumas of their childhood.

“Once again, Alice Miller, holding her lantern high, marches straight into the forbidden territory of the human psyche. She knows her target well. She understands the grim consequences of early mistreatment, and armed with this understanding, she is able to penetrate the barriers to self-understanding that imprison the afflicted. She illuminates the dark corners of child abuse as few other scholars have done. I strongly recommend Free from Lies.”


Stephen Khamsi, PhD, Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center, San Francisco

“One of psychology’s most important bodies of work continues in Free from Lies by Dr. Alice Miller. In this volume, Dr. Miller offers instruction on how to deliver oneself from lies, illusions, and self-deceptions through ‘uncovering therapy.’ In this way, individuals can break down walls and reclaim banished knowledge, thereby preventing destructive actions toward self, toward society, and toward future generations. Free from Lies is a clarion call from one of the great psychological minds of our time.”