A daughter kills her mother

A daughter kills her mother
Thursday December 24, 2009


Dear Alice

I translated in Polish some pages (one story of a 18 years old girl who
murder her mother, there are others such stories of Maria Rita Parsis’
patients) from Maria Rita Parsi book Cuore di mostro (Monster’s heart)
because I want to be publish this book here in Poland maybe you still
remember Polish.

AM: I was shaken to the core by the story you sent me, thank you for having done it. I am afraid that the mother who was killed by her daughter is not a big exception, there are many women who keep the secret of the mistreatments they suffered in their childhood at the cost of their many children, they destroy their lives without a second thought so that they must not be recalled on the torture they once survived themselves. What is indeed an exception in this story is the precise description of the diabolic character of this woman that her daughter presents here. Most children are absolutely unable to SEE a mother like that so clearly. For that reason you can send us the Italian version of this text, if you want to.