Thank you and info request

Thank you and info request
Sunday October 21, 2007

Dear Dr. Miller,

When I first read “The drama of the gifted child” in 2000 it shook me to my core. Seven years later I have read this book and many of your other books several times, before dispersing them to selected friends around the globe. Your book prompted me to enter therapy in 2000; realizing I still had so much to uncover I began therapy again in 2006, which is still on going. It has been an overwhelming and enlightening experience to say the least. Experiencing the anger, pain, and fear that was deep within my subconscious has helped me to develop a sense of self that was hidden for 33 years. In addition to therapy and reading your books and many others, taking a one-on-one self defense class has been an extremely powerful tool for connecting with my hidden fear and anxiety.
As I continue my therapy a deep desire is awakening within me to pursue a career I envisaged as a terrified and traumatised child. Specifically, I am interested in working with children present when the police are called to respond to situations at their home, then following up treatment and support with any children in emotionally or physically abusive environments. I think this approach would assist inearly intervention for vulnerable children. This involves a career change and further study, I majored in Psychology in my undergraduate course, however I was not ready to face my own truth at that stage and I am now a 33 yr old Post-doctoral fellow working in scientific research in Immunology. Therefore, I wish to ensure that any further study is well directed so I am seeking advice from the well-informed. I will continue my own healing process before aiming to help others, but in preparation for the future, do you know of any vocations that are relevant to the position I have outlined or any relevant study paths or sources of information that I might investigate further?

My journey of self discovery began with your books. Thank you for having the courage and determination to navigate a course that is so vital for the health and happiness of humanity.

With sincere gratitude, R.

AM: I think that if you want to help children you need to work with parents on THEIR HISTORIES and to help them to find out what hinders them to be the parents their children need so that they could feel protected, respected, and loved. To do this work with a clear knowledge of your own history could help you more than an university degree.