Informing parents

Informing parents
Thursday June 14, 2007

Dear Alice:

It have been an incredible and wonderful road the reading of your books, i am M. W. 27 years old, a psychologist from Nicaragua, living in Barcelona (doing a master in emotional education), and i discovered you 3 years ago, the first book i read “for your own good” was completely revealer for me. Since a young age, i was interest on children, during the growing process of life i become more and more interest about the education of the parents, how teach them or make them aware about the vital role of the education?, in fact i am making right now a project in my university called “school for parents” in which i am trying to develop a practical course where i can offer them the main tools to develop parental abilities, i am basing my work on the structure of 2 models of families, one the authoritarian family where it exist the abuse of power due to the vertical structure, and where the sexist culture and the gender problems are also cause of the violence, and the other the “anarchistisch” families where the kids are the dictators, and the limits and rules are not clear or doesnt exist. I must say that my work is inspired in a model that my mother created, she is the leader of a NGO(non gubernamental organisation) that works with the prevention of violence, and the method that she created is having excellent results since 8 years ago, she has also read your books, and like me she was amazed about them, your work is without any doubt a relevant contribution to the education.

My parents did a good job with me, in spite of all the problems in my country, when i was little Nicaragua was living a war in the 80´s, and both of my parents were involved in the “sandinista revolution”, but i felt always loved and accepted by them, even though there were of course mistakes, but with my mother i always had a very good communications, and i always let both of them know what disturbed me or what i thought and felt about them, a good feedback between me and them.

I am writing you because i want to know if you give conferences or courses, i really want to meet you and learn from you as much i as i can.
My english is not excellent but i can understand and express my self good, please let me know if i can have the opportunity to meet you some day.

Love and Greetings…

AM: I don’t give conferences, but you can learn from me if you carefully read the articles and interviews on this website. All my books are also available in Spanish (Their publisher is Tousquets, Barcelona). Thank you for your letter; it was a pleasure to learn that you want to inform parents about the needs of their children. This work is very important because most parents only repeat what they have learned as children – spanking.