Alice Miller Training…

Alice Miller Training…
Sunday June 25, 2006

Thank you for asking about training. I have just discovered Alice Miller recently, and this discovery is helping confirm in me that I would like to become a therapist. Since I am not one now, I am questioning whether, given the opinions I have noticed so far in reading Alice Miller’s works (I have only read 2 so far) I should embark on getting a traditional PhD in psychology…or what? What would be the best course of action? Where should I study, and with whom? What degrees should I persue? I am 38, mother of 4 little boys, so this will be a very long term commitment and one that I would like to be as efficient as possible.

Any suggestions?

Thank you so very much. W. K.

AM: You can use my books and the whole material presented on this website if you really want to find the small child you once were and to understand her suffering. If you need an enlightened witness in doing your work read the FAQ list. I hope that all this makes some sense to you.