Facts and Pessimism #3

Facts and Pessimism #3
Monday September 24, 2007

Dear Ms. Miller,

It is not true that your question doesn’t bother me – I just don’t think that torturing children with frightening and harmful medical instruments can help in this regard. Your question: “Why can only very few people realize that spanking children produces a violent and sick society?” My answer: Because most people are so BRAINWASHED with theories, self-help upbringing manuals, and “expert” views that only justify and deepen their denial; Had simple explanations such as Jan Hunt’s “Ten Reasons Not to Hit your Kid” been routinely and repeatedly presented in the mass media; Had psychologists, doctors, nurses and teachers reminded and emphasized this message to parents day in and day out, in private and in public; Had there been proper legislation (with measures to enforce it); in short, had there been a real effort to CHANGE public opinion – things might have been different.

N., Israel.

AM: You are right if you say: had people been better informed, had, had….. etc. But why is it not possible to pass Jan Hunt’s information worldwide? Because people were brainwashed by “theories”? Unfortunately, they were brainwashed by FEAR much earlier than they were able to understand speech and theories. These theories help them later to stay with their denial and show the biggest resistance against the writings of Jan Hunt and the few others.