Laughter at a child’s mistreatment

Laughter at a child’s mistreatment
Friday March 23, 2007

Dear Ms. Miller,

I hope you can help.

I absolutely MUST read your article “Buster Keaton: Laughter at a child’s mistreatment.” I have searched the net every way possible to find it, but to no avail. Can you direct me to the article, or perhaps even e-mail it to me?

The reason I must read this is because I am a psychology student, and I am writing a paper specifically on the childhood experiences of Buster Keaton. An artice written by such an authority as yourself, with a title like that, would be priceless to my efforts.

Thank you, J. F.

AM: The text about Buster Keaton is a chapter in my book THE UNTOUCHED KEY, Doubleday/Anchor, New York