Saturday May 12, 2007

…Dear Alice Miller,

I appreciate the work and works that you have created on the subject of child rearing vis a vis child abuse. Since about two years ago, I have been engaged in coming to terms with my own past, via your books and your website.

As I read the letters you receive, I so much wish to respond to some of these inquiries. It occured to me that you might open up a “forum site” (or series of them) on your homesite, so that people all over the world–who wish to correspond on this topic (and directly-related sub-topics) might do so with each other.

I don’t have the money for therapy, nor do I currently have “enlightened witnesses” in my life, so I have mainly relied on helping myself, with you (via your books) as such. If you would open the doors to such forums, I believe we would all be able to help one another. For instance, if I was interested specifically in those of my age, gender, etc. who are still suffering, from parental abuses and wish to share their stories with one another, but better still, wish to find proactive ways to be of support, find ways to make breakthroughs, etc., then I would be able to find such a specific forum right on your site, or be allowed to create one there.

If you go to, your will find such forums on her main website. Her site allows for creating many forums (both public and private access). While starting one on her site is an option for me, I would rather focus my “self-therapy” effort specifically related to the work you do, and thus, feel that entering a forum space via your website would be extremely beneficial for me, as well as countless others.

Please consider creating such forum space online. Thank you for considering such an idea.

Sincerely,S. S.

AM: It does exist as the forum “” on Topica where you can exchange your experiences with others.