I am a trainee psychotherapist

I am a trainee psychotherapist
Monday October 29, 2007


My name is A. K., I live in the UK. I am studying Neuroscience at the moment as I am training to be a CBT therapist. Your works are fantastic and my tutor talks about you all the time. After our Shabbos meal this Friday, i began to read to my husband from your writings about abused children, of which, both of us are. It has unleashed something fantastic in both of us, I have become very congruent whilst on this course but my husband has held back, but now, he is turning his ship around. His mother and father and sister all acted as if they were one unit, and he was ignored almost. His mother to this day never acknowledges his birthday, or any of our children’s birthdays, infact its like she is dead.We know that she is devoid of any caring or love, she lives a joyless life, hating everybody and cursing my husband and always calling him names and saying bad things about him. My hsband is 55 thank G-d and has survived. My own background, I was hit all of my childhood until I was about 18, then I ran away and married a meshigina who hit me too. I found my soulmate with my present husband and have 3 lovely children thank G-d. My question is ………………………….how do we protect our children from our mad DNA.

Kind regards, A.

AM: The more you dare to see your parents’ behavior towards you and to feel how it was hurting you, the better you protect your children from the “mad DNA.” You seem to do it already quite well. Good luck!