I appreciate your work and books

I appreciate your work and books
Wednesday February 15, 2006

Hello. My name is K A. I live in Tokyo Japan.
Last sunday, Two artists and I visited to the house where the 50 abused children are living all together. They have been under protected by gerverment from their parents. We wanted to share the moments how painting without controring mind is really fun and needed for their bodywork. I have studied the Alexander Technique which is for understanding how to make body comfortable. Those
children need to have time for crying, laughing , talking form bottom their hearts. These can help them to take some stress away.
But the adults in the house tried to stop for some reasons. Maybe because that considered as bad behavior. I thought this happening was something to do with Japanese style but their situation is so hard.
Some of words we cared to use ” comfortable, balanced, freedom, effortless,buoyant, rooted ” when kids were there, but I could see how strange to the adults.
I realized I need to talk about things that you wrote there.
I have poor number of experienced with school and houses like we went last sunday.
And I am younger than them which make me more difficult to act.
Here is my question.
Is there any workshop over the countries you know or you attend ?
I like to have more experiences emphasaized your area.
If you have the activities and you need the volunteer, please let me know.
I will be happy to. Eventhough flying to Swiss to see you and study.

Thank you for reading and considering to my request.


AM: Thank you very much for your important and insightful letter. Unfortunately, I can’t do more than recommending you my articles and my books. If you take time to read them this would help you more then ttraveling to Switzerland. The rejection of children, the lack of understanding for their feelings do not differ from one country to the other. You will find the same ignorance all over the world. Because most people deny their own suffering endured in childhood they mistreat their children and call this education.