Thursday August 14, 2008

Dear Alice Miller,
You are truly an inspiration.
I just recently read your book, “The Truth Will Set You Free”.
I purchased it knowing full well, I was intuitively drawn to it.
You know the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”
And, now I know why.
Your work has helped me to feel more fully, an incredible sadness surrounding the senseless abuse I received as a child.
In this new heightened awareness, I hold this sadness directly in my heart, which represents the Adult I am now feeling a tremendous sadness for the child I knew so well while growing up.
He was a truly great and wonderful child, and yet so sad he had to feel so afraid all the time, especially around his father, who he loved so intensely with all his heart.
No child, should ever have to endure such a fearful existence, especially among someone he or she only wants to love, and have love them back.
Writing this to you has definitely caused a shift in me.
That feeling of sadness, has now been replaced with a new peaceful sense of real happiness.
I believe this occurred, because I simply gave myself the time to honor my sadness the last couple days, and what it represented to me.
This was all clearly brought to the surface emotionally by reading your book.
Then, this truly present and conscious moment provided the outlet for my sadness, as I so honestly and courageously expressed it in my previous words.
Furthermore, I highly believe all this was possible, because I had you(may I say), as my angelic witness.
Thank you Alice, it’s an honor to meet your wonderful spirit.
I wish to correspond more in the future, because I believe we share a common ground both personally and professionally.
I strongly believe, that I can only help others heal themselves, to the extent to which I am fully open to heal myself.
All my best to you Dr. Alice Miller.
I am truly grateful.
Sincerely and respectfully,

Norman: You cannot free yourself from years and years of senseless abuse and fear in a few days; but you have clearly discovered in the last few days something important that will now begin to change your life if you are determined to follow it: the empathy to the little child you once were; empathy that you did not encounter as a child and that now opens for you the door to your true feelings. From my experience, breaking the inner attachment to our parents necessitates that we feel not only sadness but also ANGER at the abusive parents. When you will discover your justified anger for having to live in fear so many year, you will become truly free, because then you will be open to feel ALL of your feelings.