from a reader of “The drama of the gifted child”

from a reader of “The drama of the gifted child”
Sunday June 29, 2008

Dear Ms. Miller-

I am very grateful to my acting teacher Susan Batson for referring your book to me and I am very grateful to you for affecting my process of growth and awareness. I am an actor and publicist living in New York City. Ms. B. does not accept any students in her class unless they read “The drama of the gifted child” first. I am the younger son of a couple that was used to fight all the time-dad is still alive, mom passed away when I was 19- and, despite my truly deep appreciation for my sister, she was used to get all the attentions. Feeling ignored by my father and by my sister, I “decided” to survive and play mama’s boy role to perfection. This aim to perfectionism, as exhilarating as It could be, caused me, nevertheless to say, several emotional discomforts.

As revealing as your book is, I feel the urge to deepen my awareness of my early childhood’s years. My inner self is asking me. I wonder if it’d
be possible for you to refer me to any therapist in New York City that is familiar with your method.

With gratitude. C.

AM: It may be that there are already some therapists who use my method, but I don’t know them. However, you can check them by using my FAQ List which you will find on the page “articles”.