Dear Alice

Dear Alice
Sunday July 22, 2007

Dear Alice,

You have inspired me in countless ways. I just love you. I tell everybody about you and so many come back with doubts after they read your stuff… of course they do! I would be shocked if any of them came back and said… “Wow that Alice Miller, boy does she know what she is talking about!” I love that you question the bible, I love that you make no excuses for the parents, I love that you say a tap on the hand is a blow! The world is a better place because of you and the world will be a better place because of you. It will take some time I am sure, but one of these centuries… people are going to start to realize that that Alice Miller knew what she was talking about… If only society wouldn’t of been so against hearing the truth when she first started to enlighten us all…. is what they will be saying. You are my hero.

Jordan Riak’s poem “Old Woman In A Shoe” inspired me to write one about my life.

There was a young mom
Who had a son and a daughter
Never would she do
What her mom had taught her

For she was brought up
Where spanking was used
Nobody said a word
When she was being abused

As she grew older
She began to question her mother
“Why do you hit me?”
“Aren’t we suppose to love one another?”

Her mother scolded
“When you have kids, you’ll see!”
The daughter replied
“I will never hit them as you have done me.”

She was as good as her word
For her kids have never been hit
They will never know that feeling
She—will never forget

She talks with them instead
Explains things with a smile
For it can NEVER be right
To ever hit a child.

J. A. S.

AM: Thank you so much for your letter and your poem. It is inspiring for others to see how simple it may be to understand simple things if you were not hindered to think and understand – by being spanked.