German Mother + Intuitive all antenae out gift = set up for adult depression

German Mother + Intuitive all antenae out gift = set up for adult depression
Sunday January 20, 2008

Concerning Prisoners of Childhood, The Drama of the Gifted Child:

Your definition of depression as the loss of the true self is absolutely accurate in my case. Your description of what my mother did, and how I responded, is accurate in my case. I have had zero success, and much unnecessary pain and expense, in trying to find a therapist who could see the world the way you described it through mine and others’s eyes.

All, 100%, of therapists I have seen, try to fit me into “their box” of training, and can-not shut up their own egos which wish to gratify and aggrandize their own academic training, isntead of listening to the reality which I lay before them, and which they repeatedly humiliate by not hearing it (all they can “hear” is that which validates their own training). That’s not a therapist. that’s a person gratifying his or her own needs (to validate his or her own self), at my expense. That’s teh same thing that “got me into” the therapists office!

So, I began my painful journy to discover what was keeping me “buried” inside in 1996. And after having heard John Bradshaw say that The Drama of the Gifted Child was the single most important work he had ever read, I got it, and found it to strike so many synchronistic chords within me that I knew it was my “Bible” for describling what happened to me emotionally, and for navigating my way out of the darkness. (if it is possible to truly come out of the darkness, or just peek out?).

The best therapy I have ever done, is that I have done with myself (and God). Getting honest with myself in the wee hours of the morning in the state of 1/3 asleep 2/3 awake when my brain is not encumbered by any cellular memory fear (which is still asleep) or other fear from the outside.

I have come a long, long, LONG way in 10 years. Your book was helpful. ALL, and I mean 100% of thereapists, have been Destructive, not helpful.

If you nkow of any therapists in San Antonio Texas who can “listen” and “validate” a person’s lack of existence, into existence, please let me know.

Thanks. C. S.

Born Dec 9, 1957 to a 3/4 German mother, whose dad was 100% German and whose mother was half German. And a shame based society man as a father, who worried more what other people thought of him than he did what his own kids did, so, he deified the society and abandoned his kids emotionally.Etc. You’ve seen and or know the dance Ill bet.

Thank you for sharing your work with us in the USA.

AM: Unfortunately I don’t know any therapist I could recommend you (see my explanation on the top of this page). Try to help yourself by reading the FAQ list.