Monday October 13, 2008

Dear Alice Miller.

I’m studying psychology and I’m very interested in your work and I know that you were trained as a psychoanalyst. Have you disimissed all the consepts of psychoanalysis/egopsychology all together or do you still believe some of it is useful?
For instance if a person feels something unplesant(ex. lack of trust) in relation to his/her therapist is it just mirroring an earlier experience or is it something true in it? A psychoanalyst would say that it’s just a mirroring of the past and thus “blame” the patient. My own feeling about this is that it is a very problematic standpoint and yet this notion is the cardinal premiss that you would have to take aboard to “do” the therapy. I feel very opposed to this and I believe that if a person truly feels herself understood by someone there would be no need of theorizations…if seems to me that psychonalytical practise only makes things worse because it blames the patient all the time.

Thank you for your time.


AM: I agree with you completely, follow your feelings: If you dare to see the FACTS, the cruel reality hidden behind the symptoms, you don’t need theories that usually are created to DISGUISE realities.