My situation

My situation
Friday June 30, 2006

I am R. N. from Finland and i have read your books in finnish.
Your books are brilliant and i love your books. They give hope to me. I am sorry but my english is not so good.
However, I am neurotic. I was eleven years old, when I get sick. Now I am 31.
My problem is that how I find good therapist? Your therapytrend is not at all in Finland. What is your Therapytrend? Who and Where represent it? How long is therapy and how much it cost?
I have therapist now, but I feel that neurosis in this way dont heal?
I really hope that you can answer me. I am almost hopeless. I hope, that you help me.

Your Friend
R. N.

AM: You can read my articles on this website and with the help of the FAQ list you could maybe find a therapist who would work with you on your childhood.