Wikipedia child abuse scandal

Wikipedia child abuse scandal
Monday May 28, 2007

Dear Mrs. Miller:

I am extremely dismayed at what has just happened in an article of the English Wikipedia titled: “Child sacrifice in pre-Columbian cultures.” In that article you can read about the brutal practice of child sacrifice in Mexico 500 years ago: “Tlaloc required the tears of the young so their tears would wet the earth. As a result, priests made children cry before the infanticidal ritual sacrifice, sometimes by tearing off their nails.”

Well, an editor has just removed this article from the category “child abuse,” and wrote in edit summary his reason for doing it: “that category [sic] comes off as unsupported bias.”

Siding with a heinous infanticidal perpetrator!

No single university offers a degree on child abuse, as you have written. How on earth can we convey the revolutionary message in your books with such troglodytes around us: the norm in the academia?

E. J.

AM: You are absolutely right with what you have written, and the world is full of scandals like that, even today, and the lack of interest for child abuse on universities shows that we are all formerly battered children who are still, even as grown-ups, afraid of the next blow if they open their mouths.