A “miracle”?

A “miracle”?
Saturday May 02, 2009

Dear Alice Miller,

A woman from my forum wrote today a message that almost made me cry because it was so moving. Here are the most important lines:

“Hello. I think this is a question about what many people will call miracles… but I am wondering if there is any psychological mechanism that explains the relation between taking the desicion to end up with the destructive relation I had with my parents and experience growth in other areas of your life? […] Now it is almost two months ago I cut the relation with my mother. After feeling very sad, mourning, understandig, remembering […] and today, the nurse confirmed I am pregnant… and this is amazing because after almost three years of trying to get pregnant the doctors told me it was imposible. I was infertil due to the fallopian tube was damaged… so YES I am VERY surprised and i feel all this wonderfull things come now as a result of the desicion to leave the abusive relation I had with my mother. Can this be posible… “

I thought you would also be happy to read this, Alice Miller.


AM: To me this is not surprising, the body works exactly in this way, it makes us aware of our plight by illnesses and it thanks us for having listened to. But so often we are afraid of listening.