Re: response to: Mental illness

Re: response to: Mental illness
Thursday January 25, 2007


Thanks for your response to my question. I don’t need your agreement; I was just wondering if you agreed or not and now I know! Since you asked a question in your answer, here’s my response: I was expressing how I have made sense of my experience with schizophrenia and was curious if you agreed with it or not, and, if not, what you disagreed with and why. If you believe my sister was traumatized as a child, I was interested in hearing that. I would have considered the definition of trauma. But apparently you don’t care to share your opinion on this matter at this time other than that you disagree with what I wrote. If you or your team can point me to any of your writings relevant to this topic, I would appreciate it.


AM: You are right to ask for more explanations but you will find them in my work and at least in the 21 points on the page “flyers”. I can’t repeat here what I have written in all my books and can’t avoid being simplistically labeled as “antipsychiatric” by people who don’t take the time to read and understand my work.
Concerning your sister I think that only SHE could say if and how she had to suffer in HER childhood if she had had a COMPASSIONATE WITNESS OF HER PAIN. As she obviously didn’t have anyone, only her body knows her history, her mind can’t know it. It does everything it can to disguise it in symptoms because the painful truth is unbearable in isolation. However, it is only the truth that can heal. Now your sister has her illness, her medication and her family who sees the causes of her illness only in her genes. But she has also a sister who obviously wants to know more, fortunately.