Invitation to Honduras

Invitation to Honduras
Wednesday May 28, 2008

Dear Alice Miller

My name is S. G., and I am UNICEF Representative in Honduras. I would like to know if you would accept to come to Honduras, as the main speaker in a forum we are planning to organize this year on Violence against children, a huge problem in this country.

Our interest in your work and ideas is enormous.

Best regards, S.

AM: Thank you very much for your kind invitation and your interest in my work. Unfortunately, I am unable now to travel to Honduras, but I have some ideas how I can help you: ALL my flyers are free and available in SPANISH on the web site of Barbara Rogers,, you can publish them or distribute them among institutions that work with children or parents. You have nothing to pay for these texts, but I would like to know which ones you have chosen. I think that if you can make my texts available to many professionals, who are still stuck in the traditional, destructive, abusive way of thinking, you have done more for children than if I came to Honduras. My website contains a lot of information, and people need time, even much time, to read and reread them so that they really understand and can use them for their work. A meeting with me will never provide that. And many interviews I gave are also published on the website in three languages, some also in Spanish.
I wish you much success in your work against violence towards children and for more awareness and consciousness. This work is not easy indeed but absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, there are not many people who understand how we produce violence and that we could stop this production by becoming aware of its causes.