Thursday June 05, 2008

Dear Alice,

I am sorry that it took me so long to send you pictures of my paintings. The quality of the pictures is not terribly good, i am afraid. It is the first time that i have worked with a digital camera and i only have a tiny one. As you will see i am not an artist, but it was such a relief to paint my dreams and my images that have been stored in me for such a long time. I am glad that you have asked me to send pictures to you.

Hope this finds you well,

love from Soline W.

Dear Soline, thank you for sending us your painting, it shows so much of what you already let us feel by writing your letters: Your strength in discovering your true authentic life in spite of the terrible abuse you were suffering. It is a pleasure to see you in your colorful and rich paintings. I think that what makes us happy is not the word “artist”, it is above all the freedom to be OURSELVES, to be able to express freely our feelings and to experience pleasure when doing this. Congratulations!