The first demonstration for the childrens’ rights

The first demonstration for the childrens’ rights
Thursday June 18, 2009

June 17, 2009

Dear Family and Friends,

The Hitting Stops Here! Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education and other Children’s Rights advocacy groups will be joining together to hold our Operation Stop and Replace! Demonstration in Washington D C from June 24-26 on Capitol Hill. (See informative FLYER by going to and clicking on “Help Support Our Work”)

How this campaign directly affects every American:

· Frequently, paddled children grow up angry and want to rebel. They may rebel by attacking a vacationer visiting their community…that could be you, someone you love or any other innocent John or Jane Doe.

·Paddled children are set on paths that may lead to: prison, costing them their lives and everyone else tax dollars. It can also lead to lifelong low paying jobs, adult depression, poor ability to relate to others, and other adult maladies that require lifelong medical and mental care. See scientific evidence:

·Paddled children become spouses. Any American adult who does not believe in corporal punishment may marry someone who has been abused in their childhood and they may find that their spouse is susceptible to continuing the “cycle of abuse” with their offspring.

·Paddled children are Americans. Americans have fought for the right to be protected from legalized assault and battery from our slaves, to battered wives, to prisoners, to children in the other 29 states…to animals. If any classes of Americans are receiving fewer rights for protection by the U S Constitution, then we, as “protected Americans,” are allowing for the discrimination of other fellow Americans, in this case, our younger brethren and sisters in the 21 U S states and its territories.

·A paddled behind becomes an “at risk” behind. An “at risk” behind gets left behind…therefore, a paddled behind gets left behind. That contradicts our country’s very own educational goals, unless those goals are intended only for the children in the 29 nonpaddling states.

·The May 19, 2009 GAO and Aug 20, 2008 ACLU Reports cite criminal level behaviors that educators and administrators target at children in our American schools everyday and, thus far, this behavior has not been arrested. It is urgent for the safety of our children that responsible caring adults listen/read the first 10 pages of both documents, at the very least.

The abusive occurrences in our schools are similar to those reported in Ireland . Ireland has responded to the abuse targeted at their children by saying, “Any teachers found to be abusing children will be removed immediately.”

This will be my 12th trip campaigning for safe U S schools and its territories. We feel confident that on this trip, our children will have the victory that we’ve all been waiting for.

Please consider making a financial donation toward the expenses of this trip. I personally need support for hotel room, the sound system for our speeches, leaflets and other printed material, and other related expenses, including meals. Any size donation is greatly appreciated.

Please use our Paypal at by clicking on “Help Support Our Work” or you can send a donation to: PTAVE, P O Box 1033, Alamo, CA 94507-7033. Please indicate, THSH!, in the memo of your Paypal or check.

The following link will take you to our Paypal page:

You will be making a contribution toward closing this dark chapter of American history.

On behalf of the children still waiting for protection and myself, thank you.


Paula Flowe, Exec. Director

The Hitting Stops Here!

A campaign for teaching kindness and respect in schools everywhere.

Board members of Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education


AM:: Thank you for this action, it is the first time that such a demonstration is organized though it has been necessary for many years. I am happy also about your text and hope that many people will join you! Please let us know how it worked. Good luck!