Letters to parents

Letters to parents
Saturday July 07, 2007

Dear Alice Miller,
I would like to share an idea about letters to parents
I have just began a letter to by parents and it has helped me to find the voice i never had as a child. for me the abuse i had to endure was not being able to express any needs so i have lost my voice. now, when i write my letter, i use computer software to read it back to me so i actually hear a voice expressing my feelings. it is still someone else voice but somehow it helps confirm he truth of my words, perhaps because i still have so little confidence in my own voice.
Thank you for your work.

AM: You seem to have found a kind of enlightened witness. I think that everything is OKAY that helps you to feel and to learn to use your voice. At least these are Your words. You will become used, by listening many times, to your truth that first seemed absolutely unbelievable. This can be more helpful than what an old fashioned therapist can do for you today.