Our body does not accept compromise

Our body does not accept compromise
Monday May 01, 2006

Dear AM.
My question: Du you find it – today – nececcary to forgive all parents in order to reach out with the message?

About me: I actually had (some of) your thoughts before I found your books, and when I “found you”, all the pieces in the puzzle fell into their place. Yes! I startet talking to others about these issues, but met resistance of course. Now, many years later, I am much more careful. Blaming parents only set up the wall. Therefore I understate strongly that parents also are innocent (children), and that the system to blame is the upbringing itself. And I mean all the “upbringing” of children, not only the abusive, violent kind. By now, we still don´t understand that children are born perfect and that we should learn from them insted of the opposit. Would like you´r opinion on my question.
And I thank you for letting the world know (those who are ready for it) just how big an impact the childhood has upon us all. (Forgive my broken english, I´m norwegian 🙂

Kind love from B

AM: No, our body doesn’t accept the compromise you suggest because it doesn’t understand the bible, nor the moral principles of our education. It only understands the language of emotions directed to REAL parents. To understand my response you should read my book “The Body never lies” and the articles on this site. To me, forgiveness is even harmful because it conceals the true feelings.