Your wonderful book

Your wonderful book
Thursday August 16, 2007

Dear Dr. Miller,

I just had to write you a fan letter about your wonderful book “The Truth Will Set You Free.” I was recommended to your work in corresponding with Gavin de Becker, (“The Gift of Fear”). What a wonderful favor he did me!
I am writing, too, to offer an olive branch. I’m the author of the article “The Killer in the Lecture Hall,” that was published in the New York Times in April in response to the Virginia Tech massacre. My book “Evil Genes” expands on the topic. But please do hold on–really–we are both on precisely the same side! I absolutely love your work, and I think you’ve done an extraordinary amount of good. And I don’t believe my work is at all antithetical to yours, although it takes a bit of a different approach.
At any rate, I just wanted to say it’s been very much a privilege to make your acquiantance, even if only through your writing. Your research and writing has my utmost admiration.

With Greatest Respect, B.

AM: Thank you for your letter and your solidarity. Does it mean that you no longer believe in the fairy tale of bad genes? Dropping this “theory” may lessen the number of your fans but give you a solid basis for serious research and open your eyes for the REAL sources of violence that are ALWAYS hidden in cruel child upbringing and child mistreatment. These were the causes of Hitler’s rise. If we believe that people are born with bad genes we would have to explain why so many millions of bad babies were born in Germany around 30 years before the Third Reich so that they became willing executors of Hitler’s perverse orders.
Have you also read my latest book The Body Never Lies?