About the link “Epoch USA”

About the link “Epoch USA”
Thursday October 26, 2006


My name is Mikael and I live in Sweden in Helsingborg. I really like your books. They have helped me in many ways and they still do.

I found a link with the name “Epoch USA” on your webpage. When one enters in to the page the name is “The center for effective discipline”. I was really confused when I was reading some of there thoughts. They are talking about the using of “Time out” as a way or method to dicipline a child. Is that not punishment? To me that is really punishment and nothing else. They are saying they are against all kind of punishments and on the other hand they are talking about “positive and effective methods for discipline” like the “Time out-method”.

To me this link is so far away from what you are talking about.

I know my english is not so corect and you dont have to publish my letter.
I just want to know your own reflections about this.
I dont believe in any kind of punishment. In our time people are talking about corrections in stead of punishment. To me that is just to change the word so one can countuine to abuse and hiding the fact behind different names.

Thank you for your wonderful and important books!!! I hope some new book will come in swedish soon.

Actor, poet, singer and clown

AM: Thank you very much for your information, we will take out the link, of course.