Thank you

Thank you
Thursday April 03, 2008

Dear Alice,

I can’t recall having thanked you for your books and website and forums. I remember thanking Bob Scharf for his modest and sensitive moderation and all the time that he invested in us. I remember now, I have thanked you.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that i am still working through my childhood and that my life is still improving. I feel as if i am sometimes bursting at the seams, in a good way. More and more opportunities come in sight, i have so much more energy, my ways of relating keep improving, my children have become happier, more assertive. I feel much more empowered. My creativity has returned and my courage.
I have taken a few painting lessons and portrayed my childhood, which was so revealing. So good to express my childhood with a paintbrush instead of a pen. After that i have undergone Reiki treatment and the images/feelings/memories that came to the surface when i was touched was amazing. I found myself outraged at my parents, but also i saw myself screaming for love. I have found it difficult to admit to myself that once i did love my mother and did need her. During Reiki i could see that for the first time in my mind’s eye. I have also felt incredible pains in my head and other parts of my body. Very sharp pains in my abdomen and head. I have also been capable of allowing the memories of my mother squatting na