The fourth or fifth commendment?

The fourth or fifth commendment?
Monday August 07, 2006

I have been greatly helped in my recovery from abuse at the hands and voices of my parents due to the research and writing of Alice Miller, and I want to first express my thanks and acknowledgment of that fact.

Since she and her colleagues are taking on some foundational imperatives of the patriarchy – most notably those found in the Judeo-Christian tradition which give absolute primacy to the ego-wishes of the often hugely misinformed and therefore egregiously damaging parents – I think it is important for you to know of an error on your “Books” link, of which you have been probably been informed multiple times by now.

But just in case you haven’t: in the text describing Dr. Miller’s latest book The Body Never Lies, the writer mis-cites the heavenly injunction of “Honor The Father and Mother” as being the Fourth Commandment, when in fact it is the Fifth.

I know Dr. Miller and her colleagues are taking on very fundamentalist precepts about child-rearing that are supported and maintained by such fundamentalist texts as the Judeo-Christian Bible, and to not inspire anyone from that camp to dismiss what your research and eloquently diligent argument defends, I thought you would not want the nay-sayers to dismiss you on this kind of mistaken technicality.

With deep thanks and best wishes, S. C.

You can find the answer to your query in the footnote on page 14 and 15 of Alice Miller’s book “The body never lies.”