FLDS children

FLDS children
Saturday May 24, 2008

Dear Dr. Miller,
Thank you, so much, for your work and writings – I read The Drama of the Gifted Child many years ago and it dramatically changed my life and has become part of my whole outlook.

I’ve been very concerned about the children in the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints – there is a documented pattern of widespread abuse – and many of the parents, 3d, 4th, 5th, 6th generation in this cult, continue the practices under which they were raised. How can we, as a society, respond to such abuse? It appears today the courts has overturned the justification of Texas CPS to remove the children from the parents/cult home. They may be returned home, the doors shut even more tightly behind them. Also, there is an FLDS cult in South Dakota and no one in town ever even sees the women and children.

Thank you for your insights, A. M.

AM: I share your concern and thus continue to write. My flyers on this web site are free; you can use them and distribute them wherever you feel this would make sense. Even behind close doors sometimes you can find ONE person who has the courage to think and to feel so that she would want to make also other people aware of the destructive habits they accept without ever questioning them.