Nobel prize

Nobel prize
Tuesday October 17, 2006

dear miss miller,

let me introduce myself.
my name is e. e..
I used to be a psycho-analytically trained psychotherapist in leiden, the netherlands.
15 years ago I quit this I am busy with painting and sculpturing.

I take this opportunity to thank you for your great books.
I learned a lot from from you.

for many years I have in mind that you should get a nobelprize for peace
I heard that if i/others collect many signatures, we might have a change to achieve that the people in sweden take this proposal serious .
please do let me know if this idea seems interesting to you?
I think that I can give them arguments why your theory is directly linked with peace!
hope to hear from you,

best regards, e. e.

AM: Thank you for your nice offer. Two years ago some people collected many letters about my work and what this meant to them and wanted to suggest a Nobel prize for me, believing that this can make more people aware of the existence of my books. First I agreed but very soon I asked them not to make this petition because I was quite sure that my issues will never interest the committee of the Nobel Award, and that these people will not even understand the connection between my books and peace in this world. Personally, I am not at all interested in getting this prize and becoming known by people who are unable to understand my way of thinking. This is rather frustrating than nurturing.