Monday December 01, 2008

Hi Alice

I have just finished reading “The Truth Will Set You Free” and have peviously read “Drama of The Gifted Child” and The Body Never Lies”. I have found your insights very helpful in adressing issues from my chilhood and also my wife’s.
I have also read a couple of Dorothy Rowe’s books which were also very helpful.

I was particularly interested in Dorothy declaring that she was a late comer to religious belief which surprised me given her work. You mention God and Jesus in “The Truth Will Set You free” and it seems that you have no doubt about the fact that Jesus actually lived. Can I assume from that that you also believe in God. I have been reading books by Richard Dawkins and Chistopher Hitchens and they make convincing arguments for the non-exitence of God.

I would be grateful for your further comment about religion and your beliefs. Can you recommend any books that can provide information about the life of Christ, but not based on Bible stories but rather proven facts


AM: I am far away from being religious as in all religions I know of I see the lack of psychological knowledge, much hypocrisy and a lot of contradictions. To show one of them I wrote: If I DID believe that Jesus was the son of God I would assume that he was not beaten in his childhood and I would learn from this example. I could then no longer promote the violent education as most christians still do. Perhaps you would like to read the very interesting book “Jesus, A Psychological Biography”, by Donald Capp, 2000 .Until now, nobody could give proven facts that Jesus existed. Nor that he didn’t exist. Thus we have only rely on the bible with everything we think and say.