alternative title for ‘drama of gifted child’

alternative title for ‘drama of gifted child’
Wednesday April 09, 2008

Dear Alice Miller,

I have just read the translation of your ‘drama of gifted child’ in dutch.
I read it as a writer interested in psychology and it did help me understand the essence of my own childhood.
Instead of describing the phenomena as ‘gifted child’, which does paint the picture somewhat: the ‘gifted child’ is a contraption in the heads
of the emotionally challenged parents – I would suggest the following title: the drama of the cold nest.
That’s what the book really is about. In my humble opionion.

Thanks for the book and for the insight you bring,
Best Regards, G. P.

AM: Thank you for your suggestion, I will think of it for another book because it says very much about what I continue to show.