We are not going mad

We are not going mad
Wednesday April 04, 2007

Dear Alice,

I have just finished reading the above book (The Body Never Lies) and found it revealing, helpful and also a somewhat scary. It is always difficult to face the truth of ones life and it would seem that no matter how one tries to justify/deny childhood abuse; its memory lingers like a really bad smell and definitely affects emotional health.

I intend to read it again just to get a better feel for its implications both personally and professionally. I am a trained counselor and am acutely aware of working through my own dysfunctions so as not to infect others. The profound message that your book highlights will continue to bring many societal attitudes into question and for those of us personally affected by abuse at least some relief that we are not going slowly mad.

Kind regards, M. B.

AM: No, we are not going mad if we dare to face our truth. Unfortunately, there are not too many counselors who do it. Congratulations.