Murder of a 4yr old

Murder of a 4yr old
Saturday August 11, 2007

Dear Alice, Today i watched on the news as the mother of a 4yr old girl was sent to prison for torturing and murdering her own child. The boyfriend also took part in the murder of the child.The detective in charge of the case was asked by an incredulous reporter, ‘Why did they do it?’ His answer was that the couple wanted rid of her because she was in the way!
Once more the mass denial operates and we are left to imagine that people torture children just for the fun of it. The sinister unsaid conclusion being that humans are inherently evil and cruel by nature.
Can no-one see or imagine what must have been done to those two people for them to behave like that apart from the social dissidents who know why abuse happens?
I despair, I really do.
One day the world will wake up to the causes of abuse just as they have done to global warming.
Best wishes. J.

AM: I hope so. Thank you for your letter.