Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes
Friday November 30, 2007

Hello Dr. Miller,

I admire the work you do, the truth that you speak and the opportunity you offer others to do the same in reference to your books, with this website.
Even in Canada where it is often portrayed as the best place in the world to live, child abuse and mistreatment is not being acknowledged and adequately treated in this country either.
After way too many years with inadequate treatment for child abuse and neglect, I find a therapist who lives in real time with no Buts.
Recently it was on the news that seniors in nursing homes were abusing each other at alarming rates. They seem to want to call it dementia.
My question to you is this, could this be a direct result of adults living a lifetime of unresolved child abuse and now striking out at each other as a way to cope.
If so, this is very sad.
The government ignores child abuse all the time and claims otherwise.
This year when Prime Minister Steven Harper was wandering thru Afghanistan with all his body quards looking proud and popular, I asked him to walk thru the places in Canada where children where being abused, to put himself into the feeling state of these children, and then tell me if he felt safer in Afghanistan?
As usual my comments were brushed off by one of his correspondence people.
What do you do? N.

AM: You have done well. Even if they play being deaf, something may however bother them if they receive OFTEN ENOUGH messages like yours. We have no other choice than to write and to hope that one day the truth WILL BE LISTENED TO. Words can be stronger than arms which rather show fear than strength.