Help please

Help please
Sunday October 29, 2006

Dear Ms. Miller,
I am desperate for help as I feel that I am in the middle of the fight of my life. After reading Drama again, I am comforted by your understanding of childhood abuse but I don’t know quite where to go from here. I considered further exploration of Stettbacher’s method, until my search on the web uncovered your denunciation of his credentials.
I could very well be a textbook case as you described in Drama. I am an only child, female and have been abused by both parents’ since birth. My mother endured a difficult labor and rejected the doctors’ suggestion that she hold me upon birth. I have a photograph of myself in a basinet with my mother looking over me while I am holding my own bottle in an attempt to feed myself. Breastfeeding would have definitely been out of the question; she didn’t even like to be touched. She often voiced her opinion that sex was only for procreation and she would actually cringe if my father; would approach her. She slept in my bed off and on until I was sixteen years of age in order to avoid my father which of course alienated the two of us even further.
Writing this is very difficult. My anxiety level is very high and I am in intense pain. There is so much I could say and I am concerned about being coherent. It’s like there’s a volcano of rage inside that I am trying to control so that some