Amstetten: About the childhood of Josef Fritzl

Amstetten: About the childhood of Josef Fritzl
Monday May 05, 2008

Dear Alice Miller,

the writer of a reader’s letter referred to Amstetten, a few days ago, the harrowing incestuous abuse of his daughter by Joseph Fritzl. On the internet-page of the British “Independent” there is an article which deals, sadly only very briefly, with Fritzl’s childhood. The article is called appropriately: “The making of a monster.”

In the article, the sister in law of Fritzl is quoted, his wife’s sister: “Josef grew up without a father. His mother raised him with her fists,” Mrs R said. “She used to beat him black and blue almost every day. Something must have been broken in him because of that. He was unable to feel any kind of sympathy for other people. He humiliated my sister (who is the mother of the daughter in the basement who supposedly did not know anything) for most of her life.”
More it regrettably does not say. But the connection seems terribly clear, in terms of your books. He has been abused abominably in his childhood and he has passed it on in an unimaginably cruel way to his daughter.
Aside from it it is mentioned that Fritzl grew up during the war as w