Please help!

Please help!
Sunday August 19, 2007


I finished having psychodynamic/psychoanalytic psychotherpy about a year ago after 10 years of treatment. It’s was very hard for me throughout the course of my therapy because I felt like there were lots of emotions in me that I was not letting my self feel. My frustration and anxiety about moving forward has been even stronger since leaving therapy because it all feels down to me now and I’m not sure I know how to move on any further, let myself feel more.

I’ve tried lots of self-help strategies but I still seem to spend most of my days involved in pain killing activities. I’m considering returning to therapy but would like to try a different kind that will more actively help me get in touch with my feelings. Do you know of any therapists or people who may know of therapists in Yorkshire, England who would help me achieve what you talk of in your books?

Your help would be greatly appreciated, J. L.

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