I cry without reason

I cry without reason
Sunday August 06, 2006

I find myself in a similar situation to the person who wrote the e-mail on Sunday, May 14th entitled ‘The body will never understand’. In my work with a therapist and through reading ‘The Drama of the Gifted Child’, I find myself beginning to understand my past better despite my minds ability to conceal the truth. However, I find that I am beginning to cry without reason, as well as experiencing a great deal of physical symptoms. You write;

AM: You can NOW understand why your father treated you badly but this will not help you because your body (the child) will never, never understand that. It insists on being understood in the suffering of the little boy BY YOU.

My query is how do I help my body understand that? I know that my physical symptoms are a manifestation of my emotional unrest but I am trying to understand what I need to do next?


AM: You say that you “cry without reason”. Apparently you refuse to know the actual reasons of your plight and you try “to conceal the truth”. Nobody cries without reason. Read the book “The Body Never Lies” to find more answers to your questions.