Another unaware person

Another unaware person
Saturday September 29, 2007

Dear Alice,
Gordon Ramsey was on Larry King last night. He is a chef and has his own reality show and is very abusive towards everybody. He was asked by a caller if the “aggression” that he shows towards others has to do with seeing his alcoholic father beat up his mother as a young child? His answer was, “No, not at all. It has nothing to do with Mum and Dad.” Instead he said it has to do with being around other chefs and it’s called “passion”. And his brother is a drug addict, big surprise there!

His self perception is so far removed from reality. And the thing is, I’m sure most people watching take his word for it, as if he knows what he is talking about. I probably would of fell out of my chair if he had said anything different than what he said. Oh Alice, how frustrating it is to see such ignorance.

AM: Yes, it is very frustrating to see people’s ignorance. And what he said seems to be “normal” because everybody talks like that. This is the reason why I think that almost all of us are victims of early brain damage. But fortunately there are exceptions like you who are AWARE. Thank you for writing us.