Where can I share ideas?

Where can I share ideas?
Saturday December 16, 2006

Dear Alice Miller,

I have already sent you two letters, i got the answer for the first one, thanks again for that.

since i like to understand life, peoples behavior, why, when, what, it helps me allot to move on and and to crawl out of my 37 year old bubble i was living in, and be more positive.

I often wonder, parallel to my therapy, how can this epidemic possibly be stopped, or more realistically – less common?, yes I’m forever grateful for having the opportunity to have ME the real me, and re-parent myself. my insides bleed when i think of all the other little ones, they are all around us, behind a closed door and helpless. how can this not be a solid ground of clear conscience to pass a bill of law? or did i just answer myself by using the word – LAW ? in my opinion, every one has an inner guide, that is what created my nonstop arguments in my head all my life, that hidden knowledge, of what seems or feels right and what seems wrong. i asked my therapist (since i forever seek better ways through logic) if there is a way to know these “potential harmful minds” by scanning their brains ? is there a difference between a relatively healthy mind and a “damaged” mind through scanning methods? can it show ? and if it can, is it possible to have every one go through this before having a child?and addressing the damaged ones to seek help in order to produce after enlightenment?, maybe your smiling now, i don’t give up so easily, and i don’t like to think that things or new ways are impossible. I’m trying, and I’m happy to know about this website at least i can “vent” my thoughts to you. i have also thought that someone has to contact a person like STEVEN SPIELBERG {if you will}, and have him read “DRAMA OF THE GIFTED CHILD” (and all the rest) and ask him to make the most important movie in the world.i needed to get that off my chest, if i could contact him myself, i would.

Thank you, from me today and mostly from my little voice (the 5 year old), what a true treasure you are to the world, it would be such an honor to meet you.
with endless appreciation,
Tammy Zion.
P.S – this and all that follows can be published, I’m proud to finally stand up.

AM: Nobody hinders you to send the DRAMA to Spielberg or to other filmmakers but I guess that it is easier to make films for millions of dollars than to look into one’s own history. Many great filmmakers succeed in brilliantly showing the tragedy of their own childhoods again and again without being willing to feel it. Instead they make fun of it and earn much admiration because this is what most people wish to have done.