A request

A request
Monday November 19, 2007

Dear Dr. Miller,
I’ve wanted to write for some time now, first to express the profound gratitude I feel for the work you are doing and sharing with the world, and secondly to ask some more relevant personal questions and make some observations that I am interested in hearing your responses to. However neither of these are why I’m writing now.
I have recently started a blog, for a wide variety of reasons, and not being sure yet what the protocols are regarding asking for permission to link to someone else’s site, I have this letter to you requesting it. My site is largely devoted to my own work as a sculptor, but will be about, essentially whatever comes to mind. More specifically, politics, society, plants (my work incorporates them often), philosophy (in my own auto-didactic fashion), sexuality, as it relates to my own life, and, well, I’m still not sure what all yet.
As an aside, my own childhood left me wondering “Why we do what we do?” and in my efforts to answer this question I have done a bit of my own writing, for myself, over the years. It is much of this writing that want to share with people on my site and I realize as I set to writing things down, much of it has been , to greater or lesser degrees, modified by the insight your work has provided.
Because you work has so thoroughly transformed my life I feel compelled to share the insights and how they have effected so much around me with others. I came across your work through Arthur Silbers site “Once upon a time” and have read all of what is available on it. When I have the money to do so I plan on buying “The Body Never Forgets”. My journey is taking a wonderful, if difficult, turn. For the sake of those who will arrive at my site I would very much like to provide them with a link to you. Not quite sure of what your policy is, if any , I am making this request with the understanding that you may not do this.
Sincerely, S. H.

From the Team: You are free to make a link to the site of Alice Miller and to write what you need to, why not?