analysing paintigs

analysing paintigs
Wednesday February 25, 2009

Dear Alice,

I am studying your work on a Counselling diploma and I would like to do a
presentation including some of your paintings. Would you have any
interpretations for any of them at all? I have been trying to analyse them
myself but not sure if I am correct, I would greatly appreciate your
thoughts of several paintings to heighten peoples awareness of how humans
bring abuse from childhood into adulthood.
I am interested to find out what the ‘ribbon’ type parts of the
are, there seems to be a lot of that in your earlier work? what do these

Thanking you in advance,

Kind regards, CM

AM: I am afraid that I can’t help you much if you want me to analyse my work. I would highly appreciate if you could look at these paintings and say what YOU feel then. Everybody sees in them their OWN history, their own feelings and thoughts that have been until now unknown. I like to hear that my paintings encourage some poeple to feel and to dare expressing their feelings. There are not many that allow themselves to feel at all but some do. There is no way of a correct interpretation, I myself often discover in my painting today something I didn’t see before. For that reason communicating with painting can be reveiling about us and inform us where we are at the moment.