Thank You so much!!!!!

Thank You so much!!!!!
Thursday October 26, 2006

I would like to express my gratitude to Miss Miller.
I’m very thankful to you, thanks for your research, the hours you’ve dedicated in this field. ….
Two years ago I initiated a journey into therapy, before attending therapy I searched for wellbeing in different areas….. Then, I searched for acceptance and understanding in the wrong places the last place was to look for answers in my religion even known I didn’t agree with all the wrong messages I grew up. Thanks to a german teacher who knew about your research. In the workshops I attended, he mentioned your name, although he didn’t give us enough information about it.
I found: The Drama of the Gifted Child, once I started therapy, it helped me to understand the feelings awaken , without your value contribution I probably wouldn’t continue with my therapy, I felt ambivalent.
In the past months I was not constant in attending, for a while I lost hope, now I have committed myself to continue, no matter what. I have some of your books and on the web I search for articles and Interviews you’ve given, reading about it, it helps me to understand what I lived.
I still have hope…… To be able one day to live a better life….
I don’t know you, but when I read your writing, it feels like a part of me is not alone, someone else understand me and the sad and lonely child has found hope…..
My best wishes for you and your Family, I hope you’re doing fine.
Sincerely: A. M. S.

AM: I was moved by your letter and I am glad that my books will give company and compassion to the sad and lonely child you have been now discovering and going to protect and to love.