Alone in Italy

Alone in Italy
Tuesday April 10, 2007

Dear Doctor Alice Miller, only recently I have read one of your books (Du sollst nicht merken….) although I had heard of your work but never actually got in touch with it. It has been for me a great surprise becuase it is so difficult to meet someone, in our job, who dears say things and with whom it is possible to share opinions and feelings. I’m myself a psychotherapist trained at the Freudian Italian Institute which I left in anger more than ten years ago after a long distressing “kleinian” training. I’ve discovered Spitz, Winnicott, Bolbwy, Mahler, Kohut only later.
Since then I’ve continued on my own and I had the chance for 20 years to work, after the first experience in psychiatric hospital, in a department of Obstetrics and Ginecology dealing with mother expecting and having babies in great distress. I can only say here shortly that the damage created on children through “black pedagogie” has nowadays reached the point, in western world, of getting impossible for more and more women and couples to be able to become parents ( in fact they themselves are scared little children) and society and “science” answer to that with an enormous amount of useless technology.
I send you two articles of mine translated in French in which I explain affective fisiology ando patology: I use these papers for teaching to students but also to doctors and midwives in order to make them conscious of and able to use their own feelings in the relationship with their patients.
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