Project of letters to parents

Project of letters to parents
Tuesday November 29, 2005


I’m writing to tell you about a project I’m working on with a friend, in Turku, Finland. We are trying to compile a collection of essays written anonymously, in letter-form, confronting parents over individuals’ treatment in childhood. Basically we are just going to let people know about this possibility and compile the material into a book. We are asking people to write what they would want to say to their parents if they believed their parents would listen. We believe this could have therapeutic value for all
participants, and we believe the general public would benefit from being able to read such personal accounts.

Would you be interested in writing a foreword? I understand that you would probably want to see the material first. The book will be in swedish, but if you are interested I could probably manage to get it translated.

If I hear from you I will gladly give you more details (although to be honest I think the project is pretty straight-forward and simple). I also wish to thank you for all the work you’ve done and continue to do. It has affected my life immensely.

P. I.

AM: I can’t write you a foreword but I think that it is not even necassary. The letters will talk for themselves, I am sure. I thus want to congratulate you to this project and hope that soon there will appear more publications like that, also in other countries, so that people can learn what happened almost to all of us when we where defenseless.
Do you have a permission of the authors to publish their letters? Let us know how it worked. Good luck!