Thank you; 1984

Thank you; 1984
Thursday January 03, 2008

I was well on my way and then you filled in the crucial missing pieces for me, such as:
-grasping just why my parents were so angry.
-I understand people so much bettern now. It’s not hard. Szasz says it takes courage, not intelligence. Right.
-and I had the feeling that my parents might not be unique in their impressive damage-causing.
And, indeed, you’ve chronicled that they were not.
I have no one to envy, for the first time in my life, because mostly, they’re spinning their wheels.
And I assume true spirituality can only come after psychological freedom.

I’m going to town, with the reasonable expectation of unexampled fulfillment.
Thank you, profoundly. I’m tempted to become a therapist now that I finally wouldn’t be a bravery-hypocrite.

Reading your works, I kept thinking: I wonder if Orwell’s inspiration was his, or the general, childhood.
You may resonate with his laserlike insight in reference to Newspeak:
It is designed so that the victim has not the means by which to articulate his victimization.

R. B.

AM: Thank you for your letter. Yes, it takes courage to see the truth; intelligence alone is not enough, it rather helps a lot to invent lies.