The Flyer

The Flyer
Tuesday September 16, 2008

Dear Dr. Miller,
> >
> The flyer you wrote is exactly right on every count.
> Coincidentally it was just
> posted this morning on Lloyd’s DeMause’s
> psychohistory discussion list,
> so it must already be getting read around the world. As
> usual, you say clearly
> and concisely the most important truth, and I am fortunate
> to tell you that
> after many years of hard work in the field of child abuse
> and neglect, to me
> what you are saying is simply undeniable.
> But isn’t that your great contribution Dr. Miller? You
> were the first to
> see what those in more fortunate future generations (those
> who will be loved
> rather than beaten) will take as a natural and obvious
> truth, one that will
> gradually become impossible for society to deny over the
> long run because the
> numbers of those loved will surely grow. Toward that happy
> end you have planted
> the single most important seed, and for that the world will
> be forever in your
> debt. And now so will I.

AM: Thank you so much for your confirmation concerning my flyer. It means much to me because you know more about being hurt in childhood and about healing as adult than anybody I know. You dare to see the FACTS that others (including the famous schools) succeed to oversee.