from Newsweek, Poland

from Newsweek, Poland
Wednesday June 11, 2008

Dear Professor Miller, I’m writing from polish edition of Newsweek. I would like to ask if there is any possibility to make an interview with you – via
e-mail or telephone? I would like to ask you about the question of children psychiatry (drugs) , as well as about your ideas more generally.

With best wishes and admiration for your work
Tomasz Stawiszynski
Newsweek, Poland

AM: I no longer give interviews, but if you want to know anything about my opinions concerning raising children and related questions you are free to put in your magazine some quotes from my book The Body Never Lies, Norton NY that also exists in the Polish translation (Bunt ciala). You don’t need to pay any charges but have to respect the copyright. Please write me if I can do more for you.