Why psychoanalysis can’t help effectively

Why psychoanalysis can’t help effectively
Saturday April 26, 2008

Dear Dr. Miller

Several months ago I sent you an e-mail in which I told you that I had seen a psychoanalyst for years and I had a question for you at the time. Your reply was quite “brisk”, but after having thought about it all for some time I am happy to inform you that I have come to the same conclusion as you and that I honestly have to dismiss psychoanalysis as a useful tool to get to know the truth. I’m amazed by your early revelations of psychoanalysis as a perfect method to keep people locked in their emotianal pain for years,let alone decades..as you yourself was trained as an analyst and the fact that psychoanalysts seldom leave their cherished theories about human development and how mysterious and “complicated” everything is.
I’m so glad I was able to see through it all, and though I’m a bit annoyed of having waisted so much time and energy on this totally useless activity(for me that is) I now rest assured that I don’t need all those constructions anymore to understand what my true feelings are.

Thank you for having inspired me through your work and reminding me of what I have always known.

Warm regards, N. P.

AM: Thank you for sharing with us your experience. Once I understood that psychoanalysis protects parents, it became clear to me that it can’t help former victims to discover the reality of their childhoods and to liberate themselves from the tragic effects.